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Team Buildning

What it is

We start with an information session where we tell about our activities, and have a safety briefing before the exercise.

You will be using a survival suit which is waterproof with buoyancy, and also a life jacket. Safety above all. Once in the pool, we do various group exercises, we work as a team and are helped to get into the water. The whole group is going into the life raft and once there you get to feel a real Åland autumn storm with everything it has to offer in the form of storms, waves and rain. Maybe even a little thunder.

During the pool exercise, you will jump from different heights and climb a pilot ladder, all according to your own ability, of course. When the pool exercise is completed, the awaited sauna and hot comfortable shower remain.

Everything can be adapted to how the group that books wishes, our team building suits any group!

General information

During all events there are always 2 instructors present.

We primarily take school groups during the day, weekdays, but are otherwise flexible with the times.

We also offer events in Finnish, as we have a Finnish-speaking resource available.

To be a group, we hope that you are at least 6 people. ALL steps are done according to your own ability.

Our goal is to always be flexible and to adapt to the customer’s wishes.

You need to bring with you: clean underwear / soft pants and long-sleeved t-shirt clean socks bath towel.

We assume that you as a participant have your own accident insurance.

We´re offering 3 different kinds of teambuilding events


Basic is perhaps the team building variant you start with. We use survival suits, do group exercises in the water, save each other and get into a life raft, etc. Waves, wind and rain will be promised. 2 hours including shower and sauna.

590 € incl. VAT. up to 10 pers. , then 15 € / person up to 20 people which is the maximum number of participants.

Advanced team building

In addition to everything in basic, you also get to test how it feels to be rescued by helicopter from the sea surface, we will also try to turn a raft in the true sailor way. During this variant of team building / group event, a diver is always present, safety comes first. 3 hours including shower and sauna.

900 € incl. VAT. up to 10 pers., then 15 € / person up to 20 people which is the maximum number.

For schools

Scholar kids classes 6-9, when the group comes to us, we expect an approximately 2 hour long event where the student receives information about maritime safety and also:

  • swim with the clothes on
  • jump from 3m with life jacket
  • climb in pilot ladder (rope ladder)
  • jump from 5m
  • save each other in waves
  • get up in a life raft group
  • hypothermia exercises

472 € incl. VAT / group

To book a Teambuilding event

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